IntUni The Challenges of the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space in the lnternational University – LLP(Erasmus Academic Network 2012-2015), project number 52664 6 -LLP – 1 -2012- I-DK-ERAS MU S –ENW.

Project coordinator: Aarhus University, Denmark.

  • On 24–26 October, partners from 38 universities and 28 countries assembled at Aarhus University to share their knowledge and experience about what is the best practice for an authentically international university, and what challenges are linked to the internationalisation of study programmes.
  • The overarching aim of IntlUni is to identify the quality criteria that should characterize teaching and learning in the Multilingual and Multicultural Learning Space (M&MLS) and to develop recommendations for how higher education institutions (HEI) may implement and ensure the sustainability of quality teaching and learning in the M&MLS. The concrete aims of this project are therefore:

– To identify different types of scenarios for the International HEI;

– To identify the linguistic, cultural and pedagogical/didactic challenges in the various types of HEIs in the typology;

– To identify possible ways to meet these challenges within different HE teaching and learning cultures;

– To identify examples of successful practice in different scenarios;

– To identify a set of quality criteria for teaching and learning in the M&MLS;

– To develop a set of recommendations for the implementation processes that meet these quality criteria at institutional and national levels as well as recommendations for possible European cooperation in the area.

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