All VMU graduates have the opportunity to:

– participate in short English seminars (2-4 ac. hours) free of charge, except for English language subjects taught during the semester and informal courses;

– receive a 20% discount on language subjects and obtain a language competence of charge

University graduates who graduated 1 year ago can:

– study foreign languages for the price of 2 BSI and obtain a language competence certificate free of charge


Steps of attending language courses at VMU IFL:

1.Open the timetable and choose the language you would like to study.

2.Fill in the application form (Room 306, K. Donelaičio Str. 52 or email |

3.Fill in the online application form at to become a listener. Wait for the listener application to be approved. You will receive an e-contract by email or you can find it on Sign the e-contract.

4.Create a password on to access the student self-service portal and the student learning portal

5.Pay for the language course through the student self-service portal

6.During the online registration process, register for the course on