3rd International Conference Sustainable Multilingualism: Language, Culture and Society

Good competence of several languages has become one of the key characteristics of the 21st century citizen. The purpose of every contemporary higher education institution is to provide opportunities for graduates to acquire communicative skills in several languages to enable them to maintain intercultural dialogue and be competitive in the international academic, scientific and labour market.

On the 29-30th of May, 2015, Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania (LKPA) together with VMU Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) is organizing the 9th LKPA and the 3rd VMU IFL international scientific conference SUSTAINABLE MULTILINGUALISM: LANGUAGE, CULTURE AND SOCIETY and welcomes everyone who intends to share their insights into research in and opinions about multilingualism from the perspectives of language, culture and society.

Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania (LKPA), founded in 2006 by Kaunas Technological University, Klaipeda University, Association of the Lithuanian Language Teachers, Public Service Language Centre, Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University and Foreign Languages Institute (Vilnius University), aims at protecting and promoting the Lithuanian language and multilingualism in Lithuania, developing tolerance in multicultural society and helping teachers improve professional competence and qualification.

The Institute of Foreign Languages at Vytautas Magnus University has an exceptional experience in Lithuania and Europe in the development of plurilingual competence: a variety of language courses (more than 30 languages offered), intensive blended language teaching and learning, use of modern language teaching methods, integrated language and culture courses, initiatives of non-formal language learning and research into multilingualism. The experience challenges us to initiate a dialogue among different stakeholders promoting language policy development, searching for solutions to urgent problems and sharing best practices.

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