Jolita Šliogerienė


Nowadays, in the age of information technology, when social media in education has become a buzz phrase, teachers tend to look only at the progress tests and final examination results of their students while ignoring the process of learning and competence-based approaches leading to the self–regulated development of certain skills. Portfolios, as a widely-used tool in pre-service teacher training, reveal a clear picture of the student growth and development. It also shows the achievement of learning outcomes foreseen in the study programme. The paper presents the results of the research based on the implementation of language learning portfolios in and out of the classroom. The article describes students’ attitude shift in self–tracking progress and the development of self–regulated learning (SRL). The model of self-regulated learning while using learning portfolios is designed. Three basic phases: preparatory, performance and appraisal of the model are identified. The techniques that enhance self-regulated learning are revealed and discussed on a comparative basis. The results of the study indicate that keeping record of one’s academic achievement in language learning portfolios leads to the enhancement of self-regulated learning. Distribution frequencies analysis is used to measure the students’ attitude shift and the perception of self-regulated learning in the appraisal phase.




self-regulated learning; portfolio; reflection pages; academic achievement

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