English Prep- Course

The Institute of Foreign Languages of Vytautas Magnus University provides students with an opportunity to improve their competences of general and academic English before or while starting their English medium study programmes.

General description of teaching English

Based on a communicative learner-centred approach, all courses develop learners’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, improve their use of grammar and phonetics as well as enrich their lexical repertoire at an indicated CEFR (Common European framework of reference) level. A variety of interactive teaching and learning forms are applied including group and peer work, making presentations, discussions and computer assisted language learning. Participants are also introduced to Lithuanian culture and contemporary lifestyle along with developing intercultural communication skills. Classes are delivered by experienced teachers of VMU Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL).

Intensive semester courses

Intensive semester courses aim at helping learners to advance their competence of English over two CEFR levels B1-B2 enabling them to further undertake their studies in English taught study programs. In addition to face-to-face classwork, learners of intensive semester courses are enrolled in virtual learning platforms.

Before enrolment into the course each participant has to take English placement test prepared by IFL. The result of the placement test serves to enlist participants in the groups corresponding to the level of their current competence.

Group size: 10-14 students
Duration: 13-15 weeks
Course volume:
• face-to-face classroom 180 hours
• teacher guided learning in virtual environment 15 hours
• teacher guided interactive learning in computer assisted language learning lab 30 hours
• individual work 255 hours
Number of credits 18 ECTS credits

Registration fee: 50 Eur (non-refundable)
Tuition fee:
• citizens of the EU countries — 37,90 Eur per 1 ECTS credit
• citizens of non-EU countries — 43,33 Eur per 1 ECTS credit

Registration deadline for 2018 Autumn semester: 30 August
Beginning of language classes: 3 September (later start is possible)

Our courses:

Activate your English A2-B1: intensive semester course

Activate your English B1-B2: intensive semester course

Application contacts

Regarding registration, accommodation and other general issues contact VMU International Cooperation Department at international@vdu.lt

For more information on programme content and delivery contact deputy director of VMU Institute of Foreign Languages Almantė Meškauskienė at almante.meskauskiene@vdu.lt